China Alternative Data (e.g. ESG) Service

Provide the best quality alternative data from Chinese market with the largest data coverage

We provide the best Alternative data of Chinese market, e.g: ESG data, including controversy, fundamental, environmental and supply chain data, etc. Our existing databases cover China A, H shares and bond issuers with historical data more than 10 years. The data updates on a regular basis between daily to monthly based on different data point. We utilize the most recognizable standard SASB with 100+ indicators so that the data can be easily fit into our customers' analysis models.


Data is sourced from corporate report, government websites and other publicly available sources by using advanced NLP and machine learning technology without risk of data privacy issues.. All data can be sent via data feeds or API. If you are interested, please send your inquiry to

Data Legitimacy Check

and Bespoke Enrichment

Reassure investors with legally sourced data and provide customized checks and enhancement

Our international background team understands the data requirement from global institutional investors in terms of formatting, such as security identifiers, industry classifications, etc. in oder to seamlessly convey the data. We also value data privacy and make sure the alternative data we sourced are either from publicly available information or legally licensed.

Based on the various requirement from clients, we can provide data quality verification such as data completeness check, data screening, data insights analysis, custom alerts for corporate controversy information and other data customization. With our robust visualized tools, clients can view the data on our interactive interface and receive updates.

ESG Reporting & Auditing

Standardised non-financial annual CSR/ESG report

Annual CSR/ESG reporting has become mandatory in a decent number of stock exchanges across Europe, North America, Asia and other emerging markets. A typical report length is around 100 pages which need significant amount of efforts to collect the data and interpret into reports.. Rating agencies are actively monitoring the publish of CSR/ESG reports by listed companies in order to update their ESG ratings. However, there's no single standard of reporting, although a lot of companies adopt GRI, while others adopt SASB, etc. GC Insights are specialists in assisting company in publishing CSR/ESG reports as well as providing the underlying ESG data auditing services.

Corporate ESG Integration Strategy

Help company to review the entire value chain

ESG data reporting and rating improvement cannot be separated from a holistic ESG integration strategy. As ESG issues are sometimes externalities, which means we didn't consider the cost of natural capital we take, e.g. water usage, or the pollution consequence from the production process. The ESG integration strategy needs to review the complete value chain from usage of natural capitals to the entire carbon footprint as well as the recycle chain. A circular economy approach is the key to establish a suitable integration strategy for each company.

Proxy Voting Advisory Service

Establish and review institutional investor's stewardship on proxy voting

Many of the world leading institutional investors have made the voting process and decision transparent and public on their website. However, it’s not always easy to conduct the voting, especially in China, as the voting process for institutional investors has language and systematic barriers as well as the AGMs/EGMs have various topics which often happen at the same time period. To set up the internal infrastructure for exercising voting rights would be costly inefficient. This is where GC Insights can help as an independent expert agency. We provide end to end proxy advisory services from providing guidance on the Chinese A shares' regulation and process for exercising the voting to detailed agenda of AGMs/EGMs along with voting recommendations.

ESG Regulatory Watch Subscription

Receive ESG related regulatory updates across different markets

ESG related policy intervention is increasing rapidly. Comply with increasing regulatory requirements is essential. By subscribing to our "ESG Regulatory Watch", customers can receive monthly updates of China and foreign ESG and green finance related policies and regulations. Customers can choose the country or region of interest. If you are interested, please send your request to