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Our Relation with EPD

GC Insights is delivering Product Life Cycle Assessments with growing research capacities in Product Life Cycle Data Analytics and Data Management. We are the trust partner for leading LCA Data providers and leaders. Product LCA commonly start with Cradle-to-Gate, we are confident that more will join from both ends of the product lifecycles and infrastructures of LCA databases will be built up better with growing participants through the value chains. 


The challenges lying ahead are partly from the sources of data and their embedded quality. Besides the rising datasets from academies, we are working with leading data vendors on improving data qualities and helping more corporates and their associated products to gain global credentials such as EPD (the Environmental Product Declarations) to sustain their commitments towards sustainable production and low-carbon logistics.


Leveraging with our expertise in international standards and related regulations, such as the ISO14040, ISO 14025, PAS2050, GB/T 35119-2017, and GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard, etc. We are able to help businesses assess their product lifecycle inventory and set up future LCA management workflow based on their regional specific situation. Furthermore, we are able to help companies to prepare background report for EPD including details about the LCA methodology, assumptions and approach.


By helping our existing clients quantify the embedded carbon footprint of their branding products, we provide them with the quantitative evidence for their low carbon strategies and help them communicate the lifetime environmental impact of the underlying products to their stakeholders and pinpoint any room for innovation and improvement.

LCA Case Study

An international company in the automotive industry who has a decent presence in China for over decades. The challenges they were facing are stricter mandates from their downstream clients as well as new and upcoming laws & regulations by the Chinese government relating to carbon emissions. They want to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and at the same time save costs and maintain market reputation. 


The project required tremendous involvement from various departments and alignment between China branch and the oversea headquarters. With our expertise in international standards and related regulations, it allowed the communication went smoothly among all stakeholders and implement the project based on different situation in each location. We collected and analyzed all the emission related data and then calculated the total emissions for 3 scopes on the operational level as well as the carbon footprint for the major products. We have not only presented the GHG emission report but also have built a carbon accounting framework. We have set up science-based emission targets for the company by 2030 (35% reduction) and 2050 (carbon neutrality). Some of the major reduction strategies are relating to production line optimizing, heat capturing, green packaging and different transportation methods. The total costs and P&L impacts of the reduction proposal have all been evaluated and the result of emission reduction can reach 40% by 2030. 

Let's Work Together

Our LCA Services including:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Research

  • Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Evaluation & Consultation Services

  • Consulting services & Technical Support in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Applications

Geographical scope and main product groups covered:

Packaging company, building materials company, auto parts company who have presence in the China Market 


Check out our latest LCA Research Report here: What to know before starting a Product Life Cycle Assessment

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