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Circular Economy for International Opportunities | GC Insights Joins Covestro Submit 2023

On April 19, 2023, GC Insights joined the leading supplier of premium polymers, Covestro among experts and business leaders in the circular material industry to promote this year’s forum for “Covestro’s International Green Opportunities Submit 2023”. GC Insights has shared valuable ideas and market insights in circular materials’ applications, supply chain green premium management, and the business case for renewable materials in the circular economy. As recycled low-carbon sourcing has grown to be a competitive factor for Chinese enterprises to challenge the ever-changing international markets and evolving global sustainable development needs.

- The Plastic Waste Challenge -

For over a century, plastics have revolutionized the world. They have helped to improve lives, hygiene, and nutritional conditions. At the same time, plastic waste has become a global environmental challenge. With more than 40% of plastics being used only once, it is estimated that an average of 8 million tons of plastic pollution enters oceans each year.

“Plastic in the environment is now ranking at the same level in terms of political and societal importance as issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.” -- Jacob Duer (President and CEO – Alliance to End Plastic Waste)

- Promoting Circular Economy -

To inspire innovation while promoting the circular economy, GC Insights collaborated with guests attending the summit to discuss the critical role of recycled materials in promoting sustainable innovation, analyzing the market demands for recycled materials, and how recycled materials can drive business value for enterprises.

GC Insights shared a number of paths and applicable scenarios for achieving green premium enhancement through sourcing and the management of recycled materials. The most popular options are through the application and promotion of green labels, such as Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly initiatives, EU Eco-labels, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, and product carbon labels such as Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), etc. These labels provide businesses with competitive advantages such as green product labeling, annotation of the proportion and source of renewable materials used in products, as well as increased recognition and sales surge among consumers in different markets around the world.

Covestro is among the leading suppliers of premium polymers. Their materials and application solutions are found in nearly every area of modern life. Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces behind the continuous development of Covestro’s products, processes, and facilities.

We are looking forward to seeing more innovative solutions among recycled materials for the circular economy.

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2023年4月19日,领先的优质聚合物供应商 -- -- 科思创联合 GC Insights 及多位循环材料行业专家及企业代表在科思创2023高峰论坛开展了“品牌出海:抢占全球绿色先机”的专题讨论。


- 挑战塑料废料 –

在一个多世纪的时间里,塑料改变了世界。它们帮助改善了全球的生活、卫生和营养 条件。同时,塑料废料已经成为全球性环境挑战。超过40%的塑料仅使用了一次,估计每年平均有800万吨的塑料污染进入我们的海洋。(来自科思创官网:链接)

- 推动循环经济 –

为实现创新推动循环经济,GC Insights协同到场嘉宾探讨循环材料在推动可持续创新中 的关键地位、分析市场需求以及循环材料如何为企业商业价值提升提供动力。 GC Insights在本次论坛分享了不少通过循环材料采购管理来实现产品商业价值提升的路 径和应用场景,其中最为常见的是产品绿色标签的申请和推广,例如亚马逊气候友好 承诺产品认证、欧盟生态标签、蓝色天使、北欧天鹅等绿色产品标识及产品碳标签EPD等的申请和应用。这些标签为企业提供绿色产品标识细分、产品可再生材料使用比例和来源注解、以及产品在全球不同市场消费者中的认可度及销量优势的提升等优势。




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