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GC Insights Joins China ESG Alliance to Promote Sustainable Development

On April 13, 2023, GC Insights officially became one of the first members to join the China ESG Alliance, a coalition formed by Microsoft, governments, renowned investment institutions, and multinational companies that aims to bring together experts in ESG and ecological resources to create an innovative and technology-driven platform for communication and to incubate green and sustainable solutions to enhance enterprise ESG values.


At the inaugural event held in Suzhou China, GC Insights participated in discussions with various experts on sustainable development trends, green innovation in supply chain, and third-party services, prior to joining the launch ceremony of the alliance.


The event was attended by leaders and experts such as Tang Xiwen, Deputy Director of Suzhou Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Development Bureau, Peng Feng, Business Director of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, Zhang Qiang, Co-founder of China ESG Alliance, Liu Wei, Global Director of Quality Standards and Environmental Affairs at Lenovo, and Janet Sarah Neo, Chief Sustainable Development Officer of L'Oréal North Asia and China.


During the roundtable forum focused on multilateral cooperation, digitization, and other cutting-edge innovations and chaired by Greenpeace, GC Insights together with representatives from Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, L'Oréal, and Microsoft have shared their practical experiences on multinational companies' green transformation practices, carbon emissions statistics, and clean energy applications.


Eve He, Founder of GC Insights, said:


"To evaluate the carbon emission performance of companies in the supply chain, we need to consider the holistic view of a set of indicators, including carbon intensity and the number of employees among other metrics. With smart tools that interact with multiple indicators, we can efficiently and accurately analyse companies' carbon emission disclosure information."


Without innovation, enterprises' commitment to corporate social responsibility, accelerating the implementation of the circular economy and achieving green and sustainable development will be limited. The future work of the China ESG Alliance is closely integrated with a green business operating model, continuously aggregating high-quality ecological resources, deepening collaborative innovation, applying new technologies, exploring new ideas, focusing on China and collaborating globally to help enterprises improve their ESG system construction. Ultimately, by continuously exploring green premiums, we can create a greener, low-carbon, and sustainable social value for enterprises.

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