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How the new data security law affects ESG data strategies in China

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Key Takeaways

It is high time for discussing third-party risks, as the rising waves of third-party data security breaches and pandemic-related supply chain failures. Data security is by far one of the most appeared materiality among sectors.

The extensive technological changes and disruption brought by technologies and data innovations have reached almost every corner of every bit of the business’ value chain and resulting in an outreaching cyber risk for businesses, governments, consumers, and investors to consider possible options to manage and mitigate such risks.

Prepare for better data strategies is key to business success and sustainable development.

GC Insights

GC Insights suggest incorporating due diligence as a part of the investment process to match the most trusted ESG data for the right strategies in the long haul. As it could be risky to trust your critical business partners from unmonitored sources. It determines more than one strategic decision but the whole value chains management for it could exposure your critical business partners to uncharted water. GC Insights is helping businesses study and monitor different ESG data vendors to match the right vendors for your specific needs.

GC Insights provides ESG data solutions that enable effective due diligence when needed to review the best vendor options and suppliers for businesses and investors to gain better and securer ESG data accesses. We aim to put strong protections in place to safeguard sensitive information and takes into account the prevention of green-washing, ESG-related factors, and data securities when reviewing potential data vendors for sustainable business models.

More ESG Research and Insights are Available from GC Insights Contact: for more information.

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