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From Eco-Labels to Eco-Premiums: Solutions for Amazon Sellers

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program and the Environmental Product Declarations are some of the leading creditable programs in offering credible ecolabels that have strict criteria and verification processes for environmental performance that are suitable for different products and materials.


Amazon’s "Climate Pledge Friendly" Program at A Glance


Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program is a new program to help make it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products. These products have a special label that shows they meet one or more of 19 sustainability standards, such as low-carbon shipping, recycled content, etc. Customers can choose from over 25,000 products in various categories and brands, such as Seventh Generation, Burt’s Bees Baby, Honest Company, and HP Inc. According to Amazon, these products are also highlighted in a separate section of the store and have more details about their environmental impact.


Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly has achieved a great deal of success in promoting sustainable products and sustainable consumptions, for example:


  • Since Amazon launched Climate Pledge Friendly in 2020, the search rates for labeled products have increased significantly.

  • In 2021, Amazon launched 17 features and experiments to increase the discoverability of Climate Pledge Friendly products.

  • Guided Buying tool for Amazon Business Prime customers, designed to spotlight Climate Pledge Friendly products. The tool has been adopted by 1,650 organizations since launching in July 2021. Guided Buying steers business customers to Climate Pledge Friendly products as the preferred procurement option by their organizations.

  • Amazon Aware: In early 2022, Amazon launched Amazon Aware, a new line of everyday essential items with third-party certifications featured in our Climate Pledge Friendly program. Amazon Aware helps customers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe to shop for products made from materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, and bio-based ingredients.


Top 3 Challenges Embedded in Eco-Label Applications:


1.. Brands need to be aware of the differences and similarities among various ecolabels and circular claims, to avoid greenwashing practices.

2.. Traceability and transparency are essential for verifying and communicating the environmental impact, recycled content, and other material social contributions of products.

3.. The maintenance costs built around inconsistent data management could be overwhelming for product managers.


GC Insights Can Help


GC Insights offers streamlined application processes, and best practices for choosing the right ecolabels, and disclosing the sustainability claims for your products. As a trusted partner for providing solutions of LCA, GC Insights is working with leading sustainable partners on improving data qualities and helping more corporates and their associated products to gain global credentials such as Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly, the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD, GC Insights is officially endorsed by EPD standard) to sustain their commitments towards responsible sourcing, sustainable production, and low-carbon logistics. We are eager to help companies and their products profit from their eco-labels and sustainability efforts to better communicate with potential customers and compete against the sustainability laggers.

GC Insights offers a range of services to assist businesses' applications to eco-labels, including:

  • Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Evaluation & Consultation Services

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Research

  • Consulting services & Technical Support in Eco-Label Applications: incl. calculation, data management, and process designs, etc.

  • ESG Trainings, Workshops, and more customised services to improve ESG profiles for products and businesses

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