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China’s Mandatory Sustainability Reporting Guidelines QuickTake

Finalised Guidelines (Effective from May 2024) vs. Draft in Feb 2024:



  • Same Reporting Scope: SSE 180, STAR 50, SZSE 100, ChiNext (100) Indices, and Dual Listed shares (listing in foreign and domestic markets) must make mandatory disclosures for FY2025 by April 30, 2026.

  • Same Climate Change Disclosure Requirements: The proposed guidelines require companies to disclose their climate adaptability, transition plan, and total greenhouse gas emissions. This includes Scope 1 and 2 emissions, with Scope 3 being optional depending on their capacity. Additionally, issuers should provide information on measures taken to reduce carbon emissions, opportunities related to carbon emissions, and any other relevant details.


  • Same Reporting Framework: The three exchanges' guidelines require in-scope listed companies to disclose information on governance, strategy, impact, risk and opportunity management related to sustainable development under the principle of double materiality. (financial and impact materiality)


  • New Supervisory Measures: The three exchanges will take disciplinary actions against any reporting entity found to have violated these Guidelines, based on the circumstances. 

  • New Reporting Topics: The Guidelines have been updated to include new topics such as "Due Diligence" and "Communications with Stakeholders” among other topic adjustments.



New Reporting Topics Compare to HKEX’s Amendments to Listing Rules 2023 _ Appendix 27 Environmental, Social and Governance Code:

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