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Example of upcoming AGMs and EGMs of A shares listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges

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Proxy Advisory Service

GC Insights provide proxy voting and advisory service for investors of China A shares.

As an important part of stewardship of the assets invested by clients, proxy voting plays a key role where institutional investors are obliged to maximize the benefits of their stakeholders. Managing and practicing their voting rights towards the equities in the portfolio are the fundamental duty imposed on the institutional investors, who should vote on behalf the best interests of the stakeholders. Many of the world leading institutional investors have made the voting process and decision transparent and public on their website. However, it’s not always easy to conduct the voting, especially in China, as the voting process for institutional investors has language and systematic barriers as well as the AGMs/EGMs have various topics which often happen at the same time period. Institutional investors, especially passive fund investors, have challenges to keep up with the meeting agendas, voting content and cast the votes.

Furthermore, to set up the internal infrastructure for exercising voting rights would be costly inefficient. They also need to effectively manage potential conflicts of interest they may encounter in the transnational relationships. This is where GC Insights can help as an independent expert agency. We provide end to end proxy advisory services from providing guidance on the local regulation and process for exercising the voting to detailed agenda of AGMs/EGMs along with voting recommendations.

Voting Service platform

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